Inadequate research on proposed solutions to problems

Lack of well-researched projects to alleviate problems
Lack of innovative projects against world problems
Obsolete programmes against social problems
Uncreative strategies against problems
Projects intended to alleviate problems, such as those associated with underdevelopment, are not always sufficiently well researched and designed to meet the conditions required by the institutions financing the remedial enterprises. Market studies, estimates of effectiveness, profitability calculations, estimates of the skills or the amount of investment actually required, and estimates of raw material needs and prices, are sometimes superficial. Furthermore, the technological processes and production capacities designated are generally not optimum. There is a lack of awareness of the need for good studies and an unwillingness to fund such studies adequately, although they are essential to avoid poor-risk investments.
There will never be enough researchers or funds to adequately predict the effects of solutions proposed for problems.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems