Inadequate global consensus concerning problems and prospects of humanity

Inadequate development of political thinking concerning the global problematique
The problems of humanity are fast approaching critical dimensions. Efforts to avert starvation, homelessness, illiteracy, disease epidemics, violent international conflicts, human rights violations, and environmental devastation are not effectively addressed by existing global systems, programmes, and organizations. Worldwide, most nations are tooled for war, not cooperation, most continue on with progress as usual, blind and helpless in the face of the grave dangers that fast approach the global community. In fact, human culture has for some time had the potential to inflict irreversible damage on the environment and on its life sustaining systems and resources. Already, critical stress suffered by our environment is clearly manifest in the air, water, and soil, our climate, and plant and animal species. Insufficient attention is paid to these problems by the global community, allowing the problems to escalate beyond reason, and the suffering to continue unchecked.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems