Inadequate child day-care facilities

Minimal preschool facilities
Lack of childcare facilities
Missing child care
Inadequate daycare facilities
Limited child-care structures
Prohibitive daycare requirements
Child day-care facilities in most countries are not enough in quantity and many are deficient in the quality of the care given and the facilities which are provided. The lack or unsuitability of such facilities may aggravate the frustrations of a mother who wishes or needs to go out to work, and this may be reflected in her own treatment of the child or the family atmosphere in general. Children from deprived or unhappy homes may be denied the benefits of emotional and physical wellbeing that could be provided by adequate day-care. The inadequacy of day-care facilities aggravates discrimination against women in employment, as most mothers are expected to put their children before their job, and consequently firms will not give equal opportunities or equal pay to women.
1. Great care may be given to promoting recognition of the right of women to the same treatment as men, and to ensuring that they receive the best and most appropriate training - but all will be of little real use to most women unless good child-care services are developed and made available to them.

2. The UK National Council for One-Parent Families claimed in 1993 that 55% of single parents in the UK would go to work tomorrow if they could afford childcare, and 90% want to work in the longer term, and that if the government helped women to work, they could end up solving the single-parent benefit problem. It says the real reason the Government will not adequately support child-care is that is fear that women could get by without men [and] be independent of the state.

It is impossible for the state to provide universal, good quality child-care. Sweden and Russia have both abandoned their policy of relieving mothers of the "burden" of caring for their children in order to get them into "more productive" work. The costs of such a scheme are impossibly high, even if sufficient trained personnel of the right calibre were available.
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