Inadequate army discipline

Lack of army discipline
Strict army discipline codes
Military indiscipline
Military personal who are disorganized, inefficient, slothful and disregard hard work are incapable of carrying out their roles in the military. They are a danger to their country because they are incapable of defending it. They are a danger to themselves because undisciplined troops have higher mortality rates than disciplined ones under similar command and tactical situations. They are a danger to civilians, particularly enemy civilians.

Army personnel may sometimes use arbitrary or disproportionate force against individuals or groups of individuals, without being punished for their acts. Often, no investigation of these wrongdoings or misconduct is carried out, and a code of conduct may be ignored or even non-existent. When codes of conduct do exist, the training of army personnel may not pay due attention to the rights of those suspected, arrested or detained.

(D) Detailed problems