Illiteracy among indigenous peoples

The inability of indigenous people to read and write in the official language of the country in which they are living, results in a perpetuation of their social and economic subjugation and exploitation; they are unable to find work with high enough wages to provide adequate housing, clothing and nourishment.
There exists a high-quality standardised dictionary and grammar, based on a wide variety of Slovak Gypsy dialects. However, it is not to the full benefit of the majority of the Gypsy population of the country, because of their traditional marginal position in the society and related poor education. Traditional Gypsy professions and ways of subsistence did not require (and sadly, they often hardly do today) more than the compulsory grammar school education. The 1970 census revealed that 70% of the older generation was illiterate. Those Gypsies who managed to acquire higher education did so in Slovak language and most of the time assimilated with the majority of the population.
(D) Detailed problems