Identification with artificial reality

When we stay inside the artificial systems of the homosphere (our human constructed reality) without touching the biosphere we generate metaphors that distance us from our fundamental biology of love and we become confused and lost inside the metaphoric structures that are not metaphors of our fundament although they are metaphors of our constructions. The path through is the path to the organic world and metaphors that are organic in nature and evoke and sustain the emotions of living naturally. This is the basis of ethical metaphoring and ethical design. To be true to the fundament of our biology...our propensity to live in legitimacy with the world as other in co-existence with oneself...requires that we unfold the world together in the listening of and with each other in respect and honesty, stilling the voices within from their construction of our own unique world.

The converse of this is dangerous...when we live in urban areas of concrete and steel, separated from the rhythm of the earth...and from any intimacy with each other...our bodies lose their beat, literally...the cells sometimes forget the song and run rampant through the dancing system...out of synchronization with the emerging wavefront, hastening their own pattern of disorganization until we die an untimely death. (Kathleen Forsythe).

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