Homosexuality in prisons

Rape in prisons
Unreported rape in prisons
Homosexuality is often rampant in jails and prisons where, for example, men work out their frustrations on new prisoners in gang-rape. Often the "gang rapers" do not see themselves as homosexuals but commit their crimes as a need to exert their virility which has no other opportunity for outlet. The men who are thus attacked (most often those of small build), having had their bodies defiled, their manhood degraded, and their will broken, are released into society ashamed, confused, and filled with hatred. They often leave prison with more aggressive psychological disorders than they had initially, thus becoming potential criminals of a more severe nature.
Especially in countries where homosexuality has been criminalized, such as Russia, prisoners convicted for homosexuality are often raped by other prisoners or beaten up when they resist. Prison authorities do nothing to protect gay prisoners and turn a blind eye to such abuse.
Many of the penal systems today where homosexuality and gang rape are prevalent, impose a more cruel and harsh punishment on a criminal than could ever be imposed by a court of justice.
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