Homogenization of cultures

Visualization of narrower problems
Minority cultures hitherto protected from external influence, and larger independent cultures, are threatened by a process of cultural homogenization. The rapid rise of English in Southeast Asia, where use of that language is widely seen as a key to success in business and commerce, is arousing the concern of officials and intellectuals who fear that Asian values and national identity are being eroded.
The imperative of technology to level all before it to a monotonous sameness constitutes the greatest menace of industrialized society. Cities, whether in their architecture, their road systems, their mass produced products, or their vehicles, suffer from an obsessive homogeneity. Sameness permeates the world like a blight. Under the guise of tourism, it inundates places heretofore relatively untouched by technological civilization. The blight of homogenization is part of the creeping madness engulfing the world. Every nation that succumbs to universal civilization reduces the potential for man to survive an unknown future.
(B) Basic universal problems