Health hazards of aluminium

Aluminium poisoning

Aluminium poisoning, with loss of memory, tremor and jerkiness, was first reported in 1921, and there is evidence that aluminium can be a neuro-toxin. It has been implicated as a factor in patients with senile and pre-senile dementia of the Alzheimer type and in parkinsonism-dementia. It is widely accepted as the major toxic factor in renal dialysis encepathology, leading to speech disorders, dementia and convulsions. Manufacturers continue routinely and unnecessarily to add aluminium to their products and some water authorities continue to treat water with aluminium sulphate.


Research suggests that eating food cooked in aluminium pots during youth contributes to osteoporosis in later life.


Outside the industrial environment, aluminium normally presents no health hazard.

(E) Emanations of other problems