Government dependence on arms manufacture

Economic dependence on war
Grey arms trade
The economies of many European countries and the USA are boosted by legitimate manufacture and sale of armaments, weapons, and instruments unquestionably used for violence and torture. In addition, arms have been sold on the black market or given, by governments and their agencies (such as intelligence agencies), to insurgents and rebels involved in violent conflict.
1. The decentralization and sub-contracting of weapons manufacturing creates considerable economic pressure against disarmament.

2. Having been outcompeted industrially, the USA and the UK are using their military power as an export earner. The lead is being taken by the USA, which is redefining its world role as part [condottiere] and part civilizer of the South, and calling on non-combatants to fund its troops. The USA received contributions of $41 billion in foreign exchange from the Gulf War, equivalent to 5 to 8 months of its trade deficit.

(E) Emanations of other problems