Glorified emotionality

Excessive emotional response
Dependence on individual feelings
Rousseau's glorification of "natural" behaviour foretold the Freudian theory of repression, the hippie credos of "let it all hang out" and "if it feels good, do it". The self-realization and human potential movements that have shredded our social fabric in the name of "feeling good about myself". The unique human being is lauded in the Western world's first mantra "I am not made like anyone I have seen; if I am not better, at least I am different". This justifies a special type of sincerity, that almost any opinion is justified provided it be held with sufficient emotional vehemence. Hence the politicized nervous breakdown techniques commonly found in emotional propaganda of interest groups such as the animal rights movement, and the recent emphasis on sexual and physical fitness.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems