Fragmentationist ideology

Salami syndrome
The "salami syndrome" is the division of the whole into smaller constituent parts to render it more acceptable.
1. Fragmentationist ideology has taken over the the UK. Examples are many: the Post Office (mail split from parcels split from "counter services"); every county has its local education and local health authorities; urban transport (packaged off and privatized, and in the case of railways, separating the track from station, stations and track from trains, trains from each other). This arises from a predisposition to neglect social factors, which sees the whole as no more than the sum of the parts of which it consists -- there is no wood, only trees; there is no London Transport, only buses 13, 14, 15, the Piccadilly line, and so on.

2. Alongside the atom splitters, the gene choppers and cultural flatteners are those other slavish followers of scientific fashion -- the economists and politicians who, having broken economies and societies into their component parts, are now staring dismally at the bits wondering how to reassemble them. Much of the problems with the Greens, themselves often unreconstructed deconstructionists, is to discover than reconstruction is harder than deconstruction. They have been unable to move beyond whatever single issue they favour, leading to conflicts that have chased away those committed to the larger project of constructing a society that is truly sustainable.

(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems