Fear of the abnormal

Dread of otherness
Fear of the unfamiliar
"Otherness", a departure in human form, appearance, characteristics and behaviour from the range experienced as the local norm causes intense concern and an attempt at comprehension. From this the mind quickly moves to apprehension and fear, or to repulsion and hatred.
Fear of "otherness" is seen expressed against physical abnormalities, temporary or permanent, mental abnormalities, and behavioural and emotional abnormalities. However, it is also a reaction against a different ethnic background, a different language, a different dialect, and even against those identified with a different locality, or any stranger (xenophobia). Fear of non-human abnormalities includes that of monsters and the supernatural. Some such fears may have proposed names, such as dysmorphophobia relating to monsters, while the entire dread of "otherness" may be termed 'allophobia'.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems