Environmental exigencies in tropical villages

Visualization of narrower problems
Unmanageable jungle environment
Barriers to rainforest harvesting
In contrast to the generally increased control man has over his immediate physical environment, the life-style of people in tropical villages tends to be dictated by the rapidly growing jungle. Very little equipment is available in the village for managing the environment and means of repairing equipment are limited. The resource of outside consultants or government aid is still often unknown and plans rarely emphasize how to secure information or financial help. Unkempt coconut groves are a constant reminder of the losing battle to care for resources so close at hand. The continued presence of pests like monkeys, wild pigs and crabs cause crop damage, water pollution and erosion. This discourages local people from risking large farm plots and they neither use, nor seek information on, pest eradication methods. In addition, drainage systems, which are a particular hazard to health in tropical areas, remain disorganized and left to individual planning and application.
(D) Detailed problems