Elitist public information

Elitist media
For the ordinary citizen, information on public affairs is reported in such a way that they are in no convincing way his affairs. No newspaper reports his environment so that he can grasp it. Schools do not teach him how to imagine it and his ideals do not seem to fit with it. With the information that he receives, he effectively lives in a world which he cannot see, does not understand and is unable to direct. The more that highly qualified and well-informed people take over the media newsrooms, they gravitate towards elite interests and converge with those powerful few who already dominate politics. They establish comfortable relationships with public and private think-tanks perceived as an important source for the ideas worth communicating and for the packaged opinions of experts that reports dutifully quote on current media topics. In this context the lives and concerns of ordinary people count for little. Viable connections with the public have been lost so audiences decline.
(E) Emanations of other problems