Dumping of consumer waste products

Throwaway society
Proliferation of consumer waste
Unrecycled consumer waste
Practically all developed and developing countries are facing the problem of disposing of town refuse and municipal waste.
The total annual waste volume arising from redundant "white goods" in the UK is estimated at 400,000 tonnes (washing machines 150,000t; dishwashers 20,000t; electric cookers 55,000t; fridges and freezers 85,000t; microwaves 50,000t; tumble driers 20,000t; vacuum cleaners 20,000t), of which washing machines represent a disproportionate 37% considering that they number only 20% of discarded appliances. This is accounted for the concrete balance weights used in most washing machines. Around 75% of this total waste volume is processed in fragmentizers, and the metal portion recycled.
(D) Detailed problems