Drug subculture

Drug culture
For many years, a drug subculture, joining people with an overwhelming need for some artificial means to cope with daily existence, has existed around the world. At one time this group often belonged to the lower economic classes. This is no longer the case. In many developed countries, drug use is considered a symbol of sophistication, an exciting experience or a harmless and amusing pastime. It is encouraged by the commercial exploitation of drugs of abuse and media glamourization of drug use (sometimes unintentional), particularly among young people. Today, drug abuse has invaded schools, financial institutions, businesses, the entertainment field, sports arenas and government administrations.
The drug subculture has always isolated itself. It has its own language and mores, and its own set of perverted values. It considers itself outside and beyond the law, apart from the rest of society. Its practitioners have deliberately created a "cult of exclusion" : if you do not take drugs, you are not "with it". The language is graphic : "coke head", "junkie", "spaced out", "stoned", "hop head". All of these terms describe those who are not in control of themselves or of their lives.
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