Disturbance to wildlife patterns of movement

Disruption of animal migration
Interference with natural ranges of animals
Human obstacles to animal migration
Obstructions to wildlife migration
Unnatural barriers to movement of natural populations
Many animals migrate to different and often distant environments, usually on an annual cycle, and often for breeding purposes or to secure food supplies. A number of activities of man tend to disrupt such movement; examples are construction of fences, denial of use of island breeding grounds, and destruction of wetlands.
A programme, "Captains for Conservation" was launched in 1991. Its goal is to inspire "captains of industry" who own tall skyscrapers to turn off the lights on their buildings during migration season. In bad weather, birds must fly at lower altitudes and the rain/mist/fog can combine with lights to disorient birds, causing them to crash into skyscrapers. For more information, write to Sarah Elliot at 333 East 34 St., New York, NY, 10016.
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