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Disorder, an unstructured state of affairs, while necessary for change to occur, as a permanent state is destructive to society and to the individual. The structured patterns of animal conduct, such as, the spinning of webs by spiders or the building of nests by birds, is in the inherited nervous systems of the species. The innate releasing mechanisms by which these patterns are determined are for the most part stereotyped. The human species is distinguished by the fact that the action releasing mechanisms of its central nervous system are for the most part not stereotyped but open. They are susceptible, consequently, to the influence of imprintings from the society in which the individual grows up. The human child acquires its character, upright stature, ability to speak, and the vocabulary of its thinking under the influence of a culture, an open, flexible, but limited and limiting social form. Without this order the child cannot become a defined and competent member of some specific, efficiently functioning social group.
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