Disharmonies of the Triple Burner in the body

Disharmonies of the Triple Warmer
Imbalances of Fire Yang in the body
In Chinese medicine the [Triple Burner] ([Triple Warmer], [Triple Heater]) does not correspond to any exact organ in the body. It is best understood as the functional relationship between various Organs that regulate [Water]. These are mainly the [Lung], [Spleen] and [Kidney], but also include the [Small Intestine] and the [Bladder].

Even though the triple warmer in TCM has its own meridian and is regarded as an organ function, it refers to the coordination of several organs and physiological functions with each other. The Upper Warmer refers to all the organs and parts from the base of the sternum upwards; the Middle Warmer includes the organs and parts in the middle region from the navel to the base of the sternum; the Lower Warmer refers to all the organs and parts from the navel downwards. Interestingly, even though the physical location of the Liver would be in the Middle Warmer, it is actually considered a Lower Warmer organ.

[San-jiao] is the "three burning cavities", and so the [Triple Burner] carries responsibilities for regulation of temperature in the body (hypothalymus) and for the coordination of the functions of the chest (for breathing), [Stomach] (for digestion) and pelvis (for excretion and reproduction); [ie] for the coordination of respiration, circulation, digestion, elimination and sexuality.

The [Triple Burner], through its fiery nature, regulates the balance and movement of [Water]: the [Upper Burner] is "vaporized [Water]", or "mist", in the [Upper Body] (or [Lung]); the [Middle Burner] is a "foam" corresponding to the [Water] in the [Stomach] and [Spleen]; the [Lower Burner] is a "swamp", corresponding to the impurer [Fluids] of the [Lower Body] (the [Kidney], [Small Intestine] and [Large Intestine], and [Bladder]).

The [Small Intestine] is also an [Organ] of [Fire Yang]. The [Small Intestine] is paired with its [Yin Organ], the [Heart], and the [Triple Warmer] with the [Pericardium].

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