Disharmonies of the Stomach in the body

Disharmonies of the Middle Burner
Imbalances of Earth Yang in the body
In Chinese medicine the [Stomach] is the organ of digestion of food and nourishment of the body. It receives and "ripens" ingested food and drink. It is also responsible for the absorption of nutrients from the food into the blood stream. It corresponds in physiological terms to the stomach, duodenum and the first 10 cm of the small intestine, where the absorption of nutrients takes place.

The [Stomach] has a paired relationship with the [Spleen]; the [Spleen] rules ascending whilst the [Stomach] sends material down: the pure part to the [Spleen] and the remainder to the [Small Intestine] for further digestion. If the receiving and descending functions of the [Stomach] are impaired, symptoms such as nausea, stomach ache, distention, belching or vomiting may ensue.

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