Disharmonies of Qi of Triple Warmer in the body

Ancestral energy ([Qi] of the chest) is needed to form the [Qi] that is transformed from food and air. In the [Middle Warmer], essensia energy ([zong Qi]) is "cooked" from food and air [Qi]; the [Middle Warmer] is the stove and the ancestral energy is the fuel. The [zong Qi] moves up to the chest, nourishes the [Heart] and [Lung] to promote their functions, and divides into [yong Qi] and [wei Qi]. [Yong Qi] is nutrient [Qi]; its function is to nourish the body and maintain its substance. [Wei Qi] is defensive energy that defends the organism against exogenous pathogenic influences.
(E) Emanations of other problems