Disharmonies of the Lung in the body

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Disharmonies of the Upper Burner
Disharmony of the Lung
Imbalances of Metal Yin in the body
In Chinese medicine the [Lung] rules the circulating and descending of [Qi]. It is also called the "tender organ" because it is the [Yin Organ] most easily affected by external pernicious influences (generally a susceptibility of [Yang Organs]).
The [Lung] is the [Yin Organ] of the element [Metal] and is paired with the [Large Intestine], the [Yang Organ] of [Metal]. [Metal] is concerned with energy concentration and transfer and symbolizes connection with the environment. Whilst the [Lung] receives the life energy, the [Qi] of heaven, the [Large Intestine] (together with the skin and lung) is the eliminator of waste from the body into the environment. This applies equally on the mental and spiritual planes as on the physical.
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