Disharmonies of the Liver in the body

Visualization of narrower problems
Imbalances of Wood Yin in the body
In Chinese medicine the [Liver] is responsible for spreading: the smooth movement of bodily substances and for the regularity of body activities. It maintains evenness and harmony of movement throughout the body. The [Liver] is vital for [Blood] movement and is also the organ most sensitive to stagnation. This condition can cause swelling and pain, [Gall [Bladder]] dysfunction, emotional imbalances and affects menstrual blood flow. The [Liver] and [Gall Bladder] are associated with the colour green and the element [Wood]. Particularly when in disharmony, they produce the emotions that are ascribed to [Wood]: irritability, anger, fury, hatred and rage. The [Liver] also provides for the health of other parts of the body associated with [Wood]: the tendons and ligaments, nails and the eyes.
(E) Emanations of other problems