Disharmonies of Blood in the body

In Chinese medicine, [Blood] is the substance that is continually circulating through the body and nourishing it. [Blood] disharmonies are a major feature of Chinese understanding of health, disease and medical treatment. There are two major patterns of disharmony associated with disharmonies of [Blood]: deficient [Blood] (when the body or particular [Organs] are insufficiently nourished by [Blood]) and congealed [Blood] (when flow of the [Blood] is obstructed).
Just as the Earth is comprised of land, ocean and atmosphere, so the body is organized as [Blood], [Moisture] and [Qi]. [Qi] governs the shape and activity of the body and its process of forming and organizing itself. [Blood] governs tissue, the material form of the body. [Moisture] governs the internal environment, the body's inner ocean. Without [Blood], [Moisture] is dispersed and [Qi] is scattered.

[Moisture] and [Blood] are both [Yin] in quality and sometimes talked about together, under the name [Blood]. [Moisture] is the intermediate state of [Blood] generating to [Qi] and [Qi] transforming [Blood]. [Blood] is often called the "mother of [Qi]". [Qi] and [Blood] are intimately related in a feedback loop where [Blood] nourishes the [Organs] that produce and regulate the [Qi], and [Qi] creates and moves the [Blood], together with [Shen].

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