Dialect discrimination

Active prejudice towards provincial dialects
Prejudicial treatment of regional accents
Inadequate grammatical integrity
Discrimination against use of accents of a language
The way an individual speak reflects his social and educational background, and dialects deemed "unrefined" may retard a person's social and professional development.
In New York City, there are numerous classes offered to New Yorkers who want to lose their "New Yorkese", as this way of speaking seems to lead to being passed over for promotions and passed by in singles bars, while an Englishman "can order a pastrami sandwich and sound like Shakespeare".
In UK people associate the Standard British English or "received pronunciation" with the social class and ideas of intelligence, ambition and occupational status. The accent determines chances in life, success or failure. In the UK in 1994 a receptionist with a strong regional accent appealed against being fired for lack of grammatical integrity.
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