Deliberate unbalancing of sex ratio of births

Sex selection techniques for children
The female population has been declining is some areas because of preference for the male. In India, the sex ratio in 1983 was 935 females to a 1,000 males, in 1985 in Korea Rep there were 110.4 males to 100 females, in 1989 some parts of China had a ratio of 121 males to 100 females. The chances that female population will drop even further have been increased with the possibility of sex-determination and abortion.
Dealing with the cultural devaluation of girls by preventing their birth is a gross capitulation to sexism. Instead, China, India and other countries must fight the attitudes and traditional values that lead to the undervaluing of daughters.
Pre-natal sex testing is partly a solution to overpopulation. It limits the size of of a family in a scientific way. Women may stop having children once they have had their son. And with less girls, less children will be born.
(E) Emanations of other problems