Defensive life stance

Self-actualizing stance of being a victim to external forces
Individual victim image
Economic victim image
Individual grievance responses
A personal life style of being unable to effect change in a given situation leads to a stoical acceptance of the status quo. As a result of this stance of helplessness and ineffectivity, self-identifying activities turn towards conformity, to endeavour for personal enrichment, or to defence of personal security.
For the individual in the 20th Century, the future appears to have such overwhelming complexity that he or she feels helpless in dealing with its apparent chaos. This results in a self-image of being inadequate, and the victim of an external system which is choking one's very existence. There is no personal vision of being an essential participant in the deliberative system; and there seems to be no possibility of contributing creatively to decision-making processes, nor of gaining just consideration from them. This creates a mood of apathy towards these systems. The individual sees himself as a victim of circumstances, the government, the community, existence and his race, poverty or sex.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems