Defence information uncertainty

Stealth weaponry
Electronic deception
Progressive improvements in weapons systems and the electronic detection of missiles are focusing on the development of stealth technology. Such technology is designed to be undetectable or confusing to detection systems; this leads to a level of information uncertainty which undermines any capacity to control or contain global warfare, by increasing the risk of decisions leading to escalation of destructive measures used. The situation may be aggravated by high altitude nuclear explosions resulting in electronic blackout.
Iran Air Airbus A-300 was shot down and its passengers all killed by the USS Vincennes, when its Aegis command and control system mistook the airliner for a hostile enemy aircraft. Fourteen months earlier, the American frigate Stark did not risk defending itself, and lost 37 of its crew members. In neither case did the state-of-the-art hardware of software provide appropriate information to assist the military in protecting lives.
(E) Emanations of other problems