Decline in human genetic endowment

Physical decline of the human race
Intellectual decline of human race
Racial degradation
Human genetic enfeeblement
New preventive and remedial measures, advances in medicine, embryonics, genetics and intensive care have encouraged the perpetuation and propagation of all categories of people, including those with serious mental and physical handicaps, severe abnormalities, susceptibility to infectious diseases and transmissable genetic defects. This has resulted in the progressive multiplication of dysgenic qualities in the human race. The general level of intelligence, together with other qualities, is declining in industrialized countries. The more intelligent, cultured and fit, deliberately limit their families so their genes are being bred out. The less intelligent, the unskilled, the degenerate, and the unfit are multiplying unchecked, encouraged by a sentimental humanitarian approach which is inappropriate to the circumstances.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems