Deceptive information through mediums

Deceptive channelling of advice
People claiming paranormal or spiritual sensitivity offer contact with departed spirits and disincarnate entities. The information provided may create dangerous dependency on the part of those seeking it as well as reinforcing delusional beliefs.
Throught history those offering such communication have taken a wide variety of forms ranging from shamanism through to miraculous events. Although a major effort is made to distinguish between the channelling associated with New Age beliefs and the reliance on the ability of Pentacostalist born-again believers to speak prophecies in tongues, the method and the content often bear a strong resemblance in each case.
Channelling results in a bewildering cacophony of cosmic voices that babble, gossip and prophecy on ever aspect of human and non-human life, offering a myriad of ingenious revisionist (and often mutually contradictory) versions of history, theology and science -- as well as unorthodox commentaries on human events.
Important common themes do emerge from channelled communications which are helpful to some exposed to that information. This is especially the case when they endeavour to assist people to rethink the nihilistic philosophies, or cynicism in which they feel they are trapped. A number of highly valued books are claimed to have been channelled. These have assisted people to create their own positive realities and to associate with others who share such views.
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