Debased values

Visualization of narrower problems
Debased attitudes
1. To understand the error in objectivism and subjectivism, we must see that, in general, for every attitude, there is a debased form of it described as an "ism". For liberality, liberalism; for intellectuality, intellectualism; for authority, authoritarianism; for communality, communism; and so on...A distortion is derived from the value it debases, by singling it out and elevating it to be high, or by pressing it down deep to be fundamental. for instance, when we elevate the ordinary value and values of human life into the "sanctity of human life" we debase our values in the attempt to put them beyond question. (Max Deutscher. Subjecting and Objecting, 1983).

2. In general, values are debased to the degree to which they are treated as absolutes. Something or someone is debased when it or he or she loses its base. Any value has its base in the variety of values and forms of life and interests which surround it...Elevated above the rest, or made to be the foundation for all the rest, equally, it is debased. No account can be given of its value. (Max Deutscher. Subjecting and Objecting, 1983).

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