Contradictions in capitalist systems

Visualization of narrower problems
The universal law of capital accumulation, one of the basic economic laws of capitalism, determines the polarization of capitalist society and the progressively deepening social gulf between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The accumulation of capital causes the growth of wealth among the capitalist class and the worsening of the position of the proletariat.
It was the militant ideology of Western economic totalitarianism which paved the way for the equally militant neo-ideological delusions. The end of the state capitalist era and its ideas were used as an occasion to bring critical theory to silence. The contradictions of capitalist logic were not allowed to be talked about, they and the questions of social emancipation beyond the commodity producing society were declared to be irrelevant. With the supposed final victory of the market and competitive principle, the intellectual ability of reflection of Western societies came to an end. The people of this world were to become identical with capitalist functions, even though the majority was already marked as "redundant.
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