Congenital anomalies of the ovary, fallopian tube and uterus

Bicornuate uterus
Didelphic uterus
Double uterus
Imperforate cervix
Absence of ovary
Absence of uterus
Atresia of fallopian tube
Ovarian pedicle torsion
Stenosis of uterus
Diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic oestrogen, was prescribed to millions of pregnant women in the world from 1948. It was withdrawn in the USA in 1971. Up until 1979, it was prescribed as Distilbène in France, where 160,000 children of these women have been affected with congenital disorders. One of the most frequent effects on "DES-daughters" is hypertrophy of the uterine muscle, thus deforming the uterus cavity into particular forms, the most common being a "T". Some of the French 80,000 DES daughters are suffering from infertility.
(G) Very specific problems