Compulsory retirement

Debasing retirement possibilities

Mandatory retirement also known as forced retirement, enforced retirement or compulsory retirement, is the set age at which people who hold certain jobs or offices are required by industry custom or by law to leave their employment, or retire.

As of 2017, as reported by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), only three European member states (UK, Denmark and Poland) and four OECD countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States) had laws banning mandatory retirement.

Source: Wikipedia

There is no medical evidence that supports the theory that working after the age of 60 is bad for one's health. On the contrary, it is retirement which gives rise to such stresses that many people's health suffers. Intellectual powers are not automatically reduced after a certain age, and physical frailty does not afflict everyone. Forcing people to retire at a given age is a denial of their right to work, and deprives the workforce of experienced and proven people.
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