Collapse of belief systems

Collapse of cultural dreams
The USA once had a dream of saving the world and making it safe for democracy. England saw itself as the great civilizer of humanity. But the hopes they had were shattered beyond repair in numerous major world events. A key event has been the demoralizing war in Vietnam.

Psychiatrists in the former DDR, reported that post-communist depression was rife. They describe the main psychological problem as "angst of character", with headaches, stomach pains and sleeping disorders as its principal physical symptoms. It seems that whereas existence under the old system was all predictable and futile, today life seems full of uncertainties. Former secret service agents and the old communist guard are the worst affected, popularly despised and tormented by the questions: "How could the leaders do this ? And why did we believe "?

People all want to live in a culture that they are proud of, and to have the traditions that their parents and ancestors had. Even more, they want to have a world in which their children and their children's children can have peace and happiness, and to transmit to them the richness and opportunity for full and rewarding lives. But the 20th Century shows no sign of hope that even the most meagre dream will be realized. The question is even being raised as to what difference it makes if this culture continues or not.
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