Chemical trespass

Spraying of chemical solutions across boundary fences, or windblown spray, or aerial spraying of chemical mists can result in airborne chemical trespass of another's property. Pollution of surface of groundwaters by chemicals can cause water-borne chemical trespass.
Industrial chemical trespass not only leads to cancer in a single generation, but contributes to the general poisoning and impairment of future generations. This constitutes a global violation of human rights to family and reproduction, and hidden violence against the web of life itself. It also constitutes a vast chemical experiment on the human, animal, bird and fish populations globally.
Through wind drift and water contamination, agrochemical exposure and related health risks are not limited to farm workers. Also at risk are people living in settlements within the range of the drift and getting drinking water from aquifers located nearby. Some agricultural chemicals sprayed to late in the ripening phase may penetrate the fruit or vegetable and cause a health hazard for the consumer.
(E) Emanations of other problems