Blind faith in technology

As technical solutions to problems become increasingly sophisticated, there is a well-founded tendency to place greater trust in machines than in human beings: computers for tasks requiring precision and accuracy and heavy equipment for tasks requiring strength, stamina or the ability to withstand heat, cold, radiation, and airlessness. When errors occur, it is very difficult to establish responsibility or to effect any changes other than improvement of the technology. Thus social problems and accidents of human origin become more and more difficult to treat.

Technocentrism is the believe that technology will solve everything. It is a way of thinking that recognizes problems but believes that technological advancement is the only route to their solution.

Ecologist David Orr has noted that one of the fundamental beliefs of our time is that technology can be trusted to solve any problem it creates. If a software engineer goes on TV claiming to have created a program that can correct all systems, he is believed. After all, it is just what we've been expecting.
(F) Fuzzy exceptional problems