Aedes mosquitoes as vectors of disease

Yellow-fever mosquitoes
[Aedes] is one of the most important types of disease-carrying mosquito, transmitting viruses which cause yellow fever, dengue, equine encephalitis and Bancroft's filariasis.
The genus [Aedes] contains one hundred species. It is abundant and has worldwide distribution; certain species being serious pests in Arctic and subarctic latitudes. Most of the medically important species of [Aedes] belong to the subgenus [Stegomyia]. They include [Aedes scutellaris], the main vectors of human filariasis over much of the Pacific area; [A aegypti], the cosmopolitan carrier of yellow fever and other human diseases; [A africanus] which maintains an important reservoir of yellow fever among monkeys; [A circumluteolus], carrier of several diseases in South Africa; and [A scapularis] which carries several diseases in the western hemisphere.
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