Abnormal bodily secretions

Visualization of narrower problems
Unnatural excretion from the body
In Chinese medicine, the principal secretions and excretions from the body are phlegm ([from nose and/or throat), vomit, urine and faeces ([stool). The principal indications are thus: [Phelgm] clear, thin denotes cold; yellow, sticky denotes heat; large quantity and loose denotes dampness; bloody denotes heat injury to [Lung]. [Vomit] thin, watery, clear or vomiting of food without a sour taste denotes cold and deficient [stomach""qi]; sour denotes [Stomach] heat; yellow, bitter denotes [liver] heat or [gall [Bladder]] heat. [Urine] reluctant, thin, pale, clear denotes cold; scanty, dark, reddish denotes heat; cloudy denotes dampness. [Faeces] dry denotes dryness; with mucous and blood denotes fire pernicious influences; diarrhoea denotes dampness.
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