Cancel culture


Cancel culture is the censorship and silencing of anything that can be construed as hateful, hurtful, bigoted or offensive provided that it runs counter to the established viewpoint. Alternative and minority views are cancelled out.  By ordering social contributors be cut off, they can no longer participate. Information and sharing of thoughts, feelings, and experiences are stifled. Thought-stopping and use of loaded terms keep a person constrained into a black-and-white, all-or-nothing world. This controls people through fear and guilt.  Cancel culture has resulted in the chilling of free speech and a growing hostility to those who exercise their rights to speak freely. As a result, the most controversial issues of our day—race, religion, sex, sexuality, politics, science, health, government corruption, police brutality etc.—have become battlegrounds for those who claim to believe in freedom of speech but only when it favors the views and positions they support.


Cancel culture has become painfully evident is on college campuses, which have become hotbeds of student-led censorship, trigger warnings, microaggressions, and “red light” speech policies targeting anything that might cause someone to feel uncomfortable, unsafe or offended.

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