Psychological stress of environmental decline

Other Names:
Psycho-terratic disorders
Climate grief
Global dread
Environmental despair

Public concern over environmental change is at a record high. Doomsday scenarios are capturing the headlines at an accelerating rate.


To balance the term ‘topophilia’, a love of place, environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht opposes ‘solastalgia’ — the desolate feeling associated with the chronic decline of a homescape. Solastalgia names the emotions we have at the loss of species and habitats through climate change and other environmental changes


A Yale survey (Climate Change in the American Mind: March 2018) shows that 62% of participants said they were "somewhat" worried when it comes to climate. That number is up from 49% in 2010. The number of those who claimed to be "very" worried was 21%, which is double the rate of a similar study conducted in 2015.

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