Aperspectival madness

Other Names:
Post-truth incoherence
Deconstruction of truth

This madness arguably represents the greatest threat to the Western world at this moment of history, because when we allow our shared reality to become so splintered and our culture so tribalized, it becomes nearly impossible for us to muster the political will required for us to begin addressing the most serious existential challenges of our time — from climate change to ecological collapse to terrorism, wealth inequality, and sex trafficking.


“I summarized this postmodern disaster with the term “aperspectival madness” because the belief that there is no truth—that no perspective has universal validity (the “aperspectival” part)—when pushed to extremes, as postmodernism was about to do, resulted in massive self-contradictions and ultimate incoherency (the “madness” part). And when aperspectival madness infects the leading-edge of evolution, evolution’s capacity for self-direction and self-organization collapses.” (Ken Wilber, Trump and a Post-Truth World).


In 2018, the dangerous epidemic of aperspectival madness is being weaponized by foreign intelligence and sociopathic organizations like Cambridge Analytica who take advantage of our confirmation biases, our anti-intellectualism and the Dunning-Kruger effect by targeting vulnerable minds and flooding their networks with fake news and phony conspiracy theories, all intended to distract us from the genuine conspiracies that are taking place right before our eyes.  The rise of aperspectival madness makes it more difficult to tell manufactured conspiracies for real conspiracies.  This confusion may very well be the intended outcome — to insulate genuinely malicious conspiracies from accountability with a cushion of plausible deniability.

Narrower Problems:
Avoidance of reality
Problem Type:
F: Fuzzy exceptional problems
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