Individual attacks on migrants


The publicity caused, by increases in the numbers of border patrol agents along borders have also produced strong xenophobic feelings, strong animosity, and vigilante groups. This too increases the likelihood of migrant worker abuses.

In Southern California, a group known as "Bob's Boys" roam eastern San Diego County armed with semi-automatic rifles looking for migrants entering the United States. Using violence if necessary, the vigilantes hold the illegal migrants at gunpoint until border patrol agents arrive. The border patrol is aware of these vigilante groups and has done little to discourage such groups despite their increased numbers.

In South Africa there are experiences with similar xenophobic sentiment. As street vendors from all over Africa scattered for cover, a trader from Senegal was beaten with bricks by South African street sellers in August of 1997. It was the second attack on a foreign/migrant street vendors in less than a week.

In Israel, it was discovered that Israeli border police had printed T-shirts depicting a fervently Orthodox Jew and a Palestinian tied to a tree. The T-shirts were intended to allude to the guards' toughness where the tree represented the guards.

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