Caution may refer to:

Prudence A precautionary statement, describing a potential hazard A police caution, an alternative to prosecution for a criminal offence in some countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia A statement read by a police officer to a suspect to inform them of their rights, in particular to silence. See e.g.: Miranda warning in the United States Right to silence in England and Wales Right to silence, which discusses the international situation Yellow card (sports) La Caution, a French hip hop duo Caution flag, in auto racing Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks), a song by the Grateful Dead Caution (Hot Water Music album), 2002 Caution (Left Spine Down album), 2011, or the title track Caution, a snippet song by XXXTentacion Caution (Mariah Carey album), 2018, or the title track Caution, a 2020 song by The Killers CAUTION (Citizens against Unnecessary Thoroughfares in Older Neighborhoods), a 1970s-80's neighborhood group in Atlanta, Georgia that fought the construction of the "Presidential Parkway"
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