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Fake concern for the environment

Greenscamming is the increasingly common practice of giving environmentally friendly names to groups whose agendas have little to do with the welfare of the environment.


It was reported in 1996 that in Riverside County, California, USA, a public relations firm organized Friends of Eagle Mountain on behalf of a mining company that wanted to create the world's largest landfill in an abandoned iron ore pit. The National Wilderness Institute was formed to roll back wetlands regulation and restrictions in the Endangered Species Act. The Wilderness Impact Research Foundation was a Nevada organization that represented logging and ranching interests. The American Environmental Foundation was considered to be a Florida property-rights group. The Abundant Wildlife Society of North America was backing hunters, loggers and miners.


"Northwesterners for More Fish." The words conjure up visions of earth-shoed activists and leaping trout joined to battle greedy pillagers of the land – a powerful image. Just the kind of image a group of Washington consultants had in mind when they proposed this "grassroots coalition" for their new clients: big utilities and other companies in the Northwest under attack by environmentalists for depleting the fish population.

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