Abuse by border patrol agents

Other Names:
Physical abuse by border patrol agents
Humiliation by border patrol agents

Migrants crossing border not only encounter dangerous conditions, but are often the target of cruel and degrading treatment. Beatings and other forms of physical and humiliating abuse are not uncommon. These types of abuses are aimed at particular groups, and result in the victimization of nationals and non-nationals alike.


The USA Immigration and Naturalization Service shooting policy allows agents to shoot at illegal border crossers in the following situations: self-defense, in defense of another officer, or in the defense of an innocent third party. These guidelines fall within internationally accepted norms aimed at protecting borders. However, guidelines implemented by governments worldwide are often dismissed, violations are prevalent, and violators are rarely or leniently punished.

Broader Problems:
Border patrol violations
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GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
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D: Detailed problems
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