Inadequacy and insensitivity of intelligence testing

Other Names:
Abuse of IQ evaluations
Lack of definition of intelligence
Inadequate means of measuring intelligence

The theory that there is one, over-all general kind of intelligence is not scientifically demonstrable; the profusion of intelligence testing and the assignment to an individual for most of his or her student life of an arbitrary intelligence quotient rating may be an infringement of civil liberties. Such ratings may be used to unfairly screen out students for educational programmes, or applicants for job or promotional opportunities. The tests themselves are often biased towards privileged backgrounds and the dominant ethnic culture. Thus gifted but disadvantaged individuals' scores will not reflect their capabilities.

Related UN Sustainable Development Goals:
GOAL 4: Quality EducationGOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
Problem Type:
D: Detailed problems
Date of last update
04.10.2020 – 22:48 CEST