Threatened species of Panthera tigris sumatrae

Other Names:
Threatened species of Sumatran tiger

In 2019 there were only about 400 Sumatran tigers are left on Earth - and more than 10% of the species is lost every year.  Habitat degradation and fragmentation is the greatest threat to the Sumatran tiger. It is also persecuted close to human populations and is valued and poached for its coat, by the wildlife trade and for traditional medicinal properties.


The Sumatran tiger is the last species of tiger remaining in Indonesia. In 1978 a survey in Sumatra estimated the number of tigers to be about 1,000. Since then, Sumatra has undergone much agricultural development, and pristine tiger habitat has declined. Subsequent surveys of Sumatran tigers (1985, 1987) put the number "not in the thousands but in the hundreds." Only 400-500 individuals are left.

Panthera tigris sumatrae is considered as "Critically Endangered" by the IUCN Red List. CITES lists the species as "Appendix 1".

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GOAL 15: Life on Land
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E: Emanations of other problems
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