Leukoplakia of oral mucosa

Other Names:
Keratinization disturbance
Erythroplakia of oral mucosa
Leukokeratosis nicotina palati
Leukoedema of the mouth
Lingual erythroplasia
Leukoplakia of the tongue
Leukoplakia on the lip is most often due to solar-induced damage from repeated sun exposure. A bad habit of biting the inside lip could also result in a lesion. Leukoplakia is seen in smokers because of chronic heat irritation from the cigarette filter or pipe. Chewing tobacco or snuff is also a cause of leukoplakia inside the cheek.
Narrower Problems:
Oral hairy leukoplakia
Medicine Teeth, mouth
Problem Type:
G: Very specific problems
Date of last update
05.01.2004 – 00:00 CET